MyoMouse is a device that allows you to control the real, digital and virtual worlds with equal ease. It all depends on your desires, the signals of the muscles of your fingers. MyoMouse - limitless opportunities for your business in the metaverses that connect the real and digital worlds. We created it because we are interested in the future - because we live in it.

Creating your MyoMouse

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How it works?

MyoMouse is a fitness band-sized device that receives electrical brain signals that control the movements of your fingers and converts them using special software into commands for external real, digital and virtual devices. Their list is endless.

Why is all this possible

The bracelet itself is divided into two parts:

These are the sensors themselves, which are located on the strap. They register incoming signals from your muscles and brain;

A removable module with a microcontroller and other electronics, which is separately connected to the strap and determines its final purpose. It will be created anew for all your custom integrations.

Three modifications of removable modules have already been developed:

General purpose module. Management of presentations on displays, neuromachines, drones, robots.

Personalized secure module - with a hardware encryption system (to protect transmitted signals and unique identification of the myo-key itself)

Long-range module - with hardware encryption and a signaling system through a smart home control module based on Lora-Wan (the signal passes well through various concrete floors)

Application area


Converts your finger movements using galvanic and volumetric sensors into electrical control signals. Incredible control, ultra-precise wristbands track your body's every impulse. We have developed a cutting-edge device that can reimagine your experience of interacting with technological objects.


This solution has been tested with great success within the StartUP Academy in Skolkovo.


The unique possibilities of toys and games based on myo-mouse develop fine motor skills in children. And that means intelligence and speech.


Smart House

Miomysh, for example, can control any locks in a personalized and programmable way

Game interface control

Equipment management for exhibitions and mass shows

Our team

Alexey Kozulyaev

Promotion, marketing, financing

Elena Konotopova

Patent and organizational issues

Anton Saveliev

Development and production

Polina Andreeva

Sales and project coordination

Ivan Borshevsky

Cognitive research and gestural signals

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